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    Tasteful chop.

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    Done by @frank__william. #glt1148 #greatlakestattoo #greatlakestattoochicago #chicagotattooshops #frankwilliam (at Great Lakes Tattoo)

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  5. gibsonguitarsg:

    Les Paul Custom in Pelham Blue with Bigsby

  8. thejadedandfaithless:

    Buddy Miller’s XS650 ~6 / 8 / 2014

    Matthew J. Aims


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  10. rhubarbes:

    1968 Dodge Coronet x 2007 Dodge Charger.

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    Dylan Diablita

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    This ‘59 Les Paul DC is absolutely killing me, having come in for a fret level and crown last week. It sounds sweet and stinging, articulate and artful. Just an incredible guitar. #guitar #vintage #gibson #lespaul #tv #yellow #dc #frets #damn #seattle (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

  15. glamidols:

    An awesome photo of Suzi Quatro and her band.

    Her catsuit was supposedly inspired by Elvis’ 68 comeback

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