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    1952 Fender Precision Bass and a TV front Fender Bassman 1x15 combo from the same year…Lovely!

  3. fenderbassman97:

    63 Fender Precision Bass

  4. emiliano-spunk:

    The Clash 1982, combat rock

    Joe and Paul

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    1968 Fender pink paisley telecaster bass guitar

  8. thunderroadguitars:

    1961 Fender Precision Bass

    we love bass players


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    Now you may be thinking that it’s the camera angle in this positively astounding photo that makes Kindra look like she’s tall, but the reality isn’t too far off: at 6’2”, she’s one of the tallest women to ever appear on SteamGirl.com, if not the tallest! That’s 8 inches taller than Kato! Just add that to the list of many impressive things about Kindra!

    "Kindra", featuring the introduction of Kindra, debuts on SteamGirl.com tomorrow!

    (Photography by Ayria Lovett)

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    #kustomkulture #hotrod #lifestyle #lowlife